Mármoles Barbeito SL: „Our production increased by 70% thanks to the Proliner!“

Located in A Coruña, Spain, and founded in 1952, the family business company Mármoles Barbeito SL is a synonym for quality and efficiency.
Dedicated to the production and installation of national and imported granite, marble, slate, limestone, sandstone, and quartz compacts (such as Silestone or Compac), the Spanish company specializes in facades, bathroom basins, floors, stairs, funerary art, kitchen countertops, and furniture, among others.

Mármoles Barbeito SL combines the latest technologies, the most sophisticated techniques, and the most exclusive materials with the warmth of attention, respect for noble trade, and interest in the dream of their customers. Their goal is to exceed the expectations of their customers, turning their wishes into reality!

They have known the Proliner for many years from exhibitions and word of mouth, and in 2022 they decided to finally invest in the Proliner Stone package. and couldn’t be happier with their decision!

Christian M. Gomez Barbeito, from the technical department at Mármoles Barbeito SL, describes the company’s experience with the Proliner:

„Our production increased by 70% and the quality of our work is getting better each day thanks to the Proliner! We mostly use it for kitchen countertops and kitchen islands. I would say we measure about 4 kitchens a day.“

He added, „The Proliner is fast, effective, and precise. It is not good only for the stone industry like ours but for all industries! A measuring tool with maximum accuracy like the Proliner it’s all we needed to save time on the measurements, increase the number of projects, and continue to grow as a company!“


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