Mucci Glass & Railings: „Prodim showed extraordinary support in the use of the Proliner“

Mucci Glass & Railings is a company located in Canada and is specialized in glass and railings solutions for the architectural industry. After having decided to professionalize and improve the quality in their business, Mustafa and Erena invested in the Proliner Glass package and it was surely a must in order to help them achieve their goal.

They are very happy in sharing their successful experience with the Proliner: „The Proliner really speeds up the making process of our digital templates. Before we would measure everything by tape measure and translate the measurement to a CAD program. This process worked good for many years, but you can make mistakes using a tape measure; either writing down the wrong measurement or getting a deviation because of the angle you hold the tape. With the Proliner, we can mark all the deviations in the walls and openings so that we can make a piece of glass fit perfectly with straight cuts.“

Mustafa and Erena are not just happy with the Proliner but also with the support and training received: „Prodim showed readiness to look for, explore, and provide us with answers. It is also because of Prodim’s extraordinary support that we have become successful in our use of the Proliner.“