Prodim Proliner Benutzer KUMA

Stone shop KUMA measures faster and more precise with the Proliner

KUMA is a stone shop from Denmark based in Gadbjerg (founded in 1988). Their core activity is the fabrication of custom sinks and countertops for bathrooms and kitchens. KUMA has also realized large projects as a sub-contractor, which often include the manufacturing of architectural stone constructions for furniture, heating systems and speakers. In 1999 KUMA expanded their production facilities by opening a production facility in Romania. Today they export to 13 countries.

Hans Christiansen of KUMA knew about the capabilities of the Proliner from within the industry and decided to invest. KUMA expects to measure more countertops in a day using the Proliner. Templates will be more precise, resulting in higher quality end products and less fault products.


KUMA website