Prodim: Steinindustrie – Benutzererfahrungen und Referenzen

Quantra - India

Ravi: „The Proliner will help us achieve our goals since it offers a complete solution for measuring and creating digital templates for production, which eases and speeds up the whole process.“

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CB Stone Design - Ireland

Ciaran Burke: „The Proliner convinced us to be the best tool to use for digital templating countertops. That and the fact that we know colleague stone companies that use the Proliner to their satisfaction, made us decide to go for the Proliner.“

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Art Granit - Republic of Moldova

Marcel Vutcariov: „After testing both Proliner and laser technology we came to the conclusion that the laser is not as accurate as the Proliner. The software that comes with the Proliner is easier to understand as well“

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