Van den Broeck – Keuleers uses the Proliner to measure round shapes in their most complex projects

Van den Broeck – Keuleers is a well-established Belgian company for exclusive wood joinery known for its exceptional craftsmanship and commitment to delivering top-quality results. Led by Luc Keuleers who works in Heist-op-den-Berg with his son Simon, the firm has a long-standing history, starting from 1932. Their portfolio includes interior and exterior doors, windows, shutters, and garden gates, among others.

To enhance their workflow and ensure precise measurements, they purchased the Proliner Furniture, Door, and Window Package. Since then, The Proliner has become a useful tool for the company, especially in their most complex projects that involve measuring round shapes. Achieving accurate measurements has become remarkably easy. Simon Keuleers enthusiastically shared, „We had the Proliner training on a Friday and directly started measuring the next day on Saturday!“ At Prodim, training and support are provided to customers across the customer journey, making sure that they reach their goals along the way and that we grow together.

Van den Broeck – Keuleers share that they are very satisfied with the Proliner. With its ease of use and accuracy, it has empowered them to undertake complex projects with confidence and deliver outstanding results.


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