Refit Style SRL: „The Proliner has strengthened our activity and service for more than 10 years“

Refit Style SRL is a company from Muggia, an Italian town in the southwest of the Province of Trieste, Italy. With over 25 years of experience,  they have been working with synthetic teak to offer clients unbeatable beauty and convenience for their boats, wet environments, and outdoor floorings. They are committed to continuous improvement and innovation. As a result, they have been using the Proliner Decking Package since 2014 to add the ultimate digital templating technology to their projects.

They proudly said:  „The digitalized measurement system was the first important investment made at the beginning of our journey, we were the first users in the nautical sector of the area to use such precise and fast machinery.

Whether it’s a curved teak bridge, window, door, tarp, or just a railing, the Proliner significantly reduces the time needed for measuring and digitizing our projects. It is possible to create accurate digital models in minutes, thus saving time and money on materials and avoiding measurement errors. In just a second, the silhouettes are processed digitally and then printed with our plotters. Installers will receive in a short time exactly what they need, making their work easier.“

About the impact the Proliner has made in their projects, they concluded:

„Our customers are more satisfied because the measurements are performed on-site in a much shorter time and with higher quality. The Proliner has strengthened our activity and service for more than 10 years.  We want to thank Prodim Manager Luca Gasparini who has followed us from the beginning and always supports us.“

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