Vidriera Arandina has eliminated all transcription errors with their 2 Proliner devices!

Vidriera Arandina, located in Aranda de Duero, has 60 years of experience as a mirror and glassware factory.  For them, having a large assembly team and state-of-the-art machinery are essential things to carry out all kinds of work, such as glass applications for residential projects, installation of shop windows, curtain walls, and other industrial installations with architectural glass.

The company has been using the Proliner Glass package for more than 10 years. Due to the increase in its activities and the good results obtained in this time, they currently have 2 devices to provide a quick and efficient response both to the needs of small and complex projects.

Alejandro Velasco Miranda shared his experience: “We use the Proliner to make the measurements of the templates that clients send us or to make these measurements directly on site. Among the advantages that we can highlight is the speed of the measurements, their accuracy, and the elimination of errors in the transcription, since the files generated as a result of these measurements go to the production department and immediately afterward to the cutting tables”.

In the images that accompany this article via Vidrioperfil, you can see a balustrade project that has been measured with the Proliner system in the Santurce residential project, in Aranda de Duero, as well as a professional from Vidriera Arandina who measures the templates sent by the customers.


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