Agra sp. z.o.o.: “Thanks to the accuracy of the Proliner, everything in our van interiors fits perfectly!”

Agra sp. zo.o. is a company from Rzeszow, Poland, specializing in the production of accessories for the installation of delivery vans. They make interior adaptations, retrofit vehicles, and installation of additional accessories. Their offer includes bodies for over twenty car models available on the market.

Since working with the Proliner Automotive Package, their offer now includes ready-made designs of bodies and adaptations of cars, but they can also make them individually following the wishes and guidelines of each client. As a Proliner user for several years, Rafal Szponar was eager to share his experience:

“We use the Proliner to measure van interiors. In the beginning, we used it every day, but now that the Proliner has allowed us to have a large database of templates, we use it once every one or two weeks. My favorite qualities of the Proliner are the speed of the measurements and its accuracy. Everything fits perfectly!”

Rafael added, “Since using the Proliner, the design process – which was always the longest in the entire production stage, now takes us only several minutes. Digital templating with the Proliner is very fast and does not require many changes before we send it to production. We are very pleased with the investment!”

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