Nauti-Express: „The Proliner facilitates our work in an unparalleled way!“

Nauti-Express is a Venezuelan company located in Valencia. They started their business in 2019 and they dedicate themselves to the renovation and upholstery of boats.

In order to make their everyday work easier and obtain beautiful end results, Nauti-Express didn’t think twice and jumped into the Proliner Decking package.

Luis Rumbo proudly tells us about their experience: „At Nauti-express we are very happy with the Proliner! Our experience has been excellent and it facilitates our work in an unparalleled way! We use the Proliner 3-4 times a week and the Prodim Factory software we use it every day. The measurements with the Proliner are much faster to perform and process, resulting in much faster turnaround times.

He still added: „The Proliner increases the quality and precision of our work. Since it is a mechanical templating tool, the implementation of the Proliner in our field (Nautical Flooring), allows us to manufacture parts to the exact measurement, thus eliminating material losses due to inadequate measurements!“


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