Zelt Haase: „With the Proliner it takes only one measurement to start producing!“

Zelt Haase is considered one of the most versatile sailmakers in the region of Kiel, Germany and started its business in 1932. Today, besides classic sailmaking, their fields of production also include the manufacture of sensible packaging solutions for industrial goods, the manufacture of boat covers, tents, tarpaulins and sun sails. Their products are unique and adapted to every customer’s needs and taste, which motivates Zelt Haase every day!

In order to help on their canvas projects and obtain faster and precise results, as well as not depending on weather conditions,  Zelt Haase decided to go for the Proliner Canvas Package.

When asked the reason why they got the Proliner, Silke and Jan replied: „Is there anything else like it? I don’t think there is! With the Proliner it takes only one measurement to start producing! It works fast and is accurate, which are very important factors to us and our business. On top of that, we obtain beautiful end results!“


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