Tonkes B.V Natuursteenbedrijf: „With the Proliner there is no hard work: it works fast, precisely, with perfection!“

Tonkes B.V Natuursteenbedrijf is a company located in Veendam, in the Netherlands. Since 1935, they have become a household name in the field of supply, processing and editing of natural stone.

Initially, their main focus was on the production of memorial stones, in Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe as primary sales areas. As the years went by, they expanded to include custom work for the construction industry, dedicating themselves to granite worktops, followed by products in natural stone, which continued to grow until the present year. Today they offer products such as natural stone tiles, garden tiles, memorial stones, natural stone table tops and composite shower trays.

In order to obtain precision with each template and be able to measure exactly what they need, Tonkes B.V Natuursteenbedrijf invested in the Proliner Stone package. They use the Proliner to template facades, stairs, sidewalks, among others.

Erik, Arjan and Robin tell us about their experience: „With the Proliner there is no hard work: it works fast, precisely, with perfection! We heard about the Proliner and we decided it was the right time to invest in one. There is no room for doubt as the Proliner is the future and we made the right decision!“


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