Transformados de Mármoles y Piedras: “If you want to be in the market and have zero measurement errors, you need to have the Proliner!”

Transformados de Mármoles y Piedras Extremeños S.L, from Malpartida in Cáceres, in Spain, is a company that makes different stone projects such as bathrooms, kitchens, stairs, facades, etc. They decided to make a leap into the digital measurement world and for that, without hesitation, they invested in the Proliner Stone package. José Julio Iglesias, the company’s manufacturing and assembly manager explained that they had known about the Proliner for a long time and that he had seen information about its operation on the Internet and YouTube.

“Nowadays if you want to be in the market and have zero measurement errors you need to have it!” He added that having this digital templating machine also supposes a better image for the company „besides, nowadays with the price of some materials, you cannot afford to make mistakes with the measurement.“

Iglesias explained that he had seen some other options but that he was clear about it. “Some options had been presented to me, but it was as if you bought a laser at Bricomart, they are nothing like the Proliner”.

He is very impressed with the speed of the measurement, accuracy, and how easy it is to use. „I was struck by how simple the operation is, although we also have had a training.“

Regarding the relationship with the manufacturing company, Prodim, and the area manager for Spain, Jorge Seixas, he states that “the treatment has been phenomenal. They call you every month asking about and worrying about how much you have measured and if you have had any difficulties. They don’t sell you a Proliner and forget about it.“


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