Patalano Marmi: “With the Proliner we digital templated a stone slab to see where to carve or engrave our hearts!”

Patalano Marmi is a company from Ischia (province of Napoli), in Italy, specialized in the processing of marble, granite, stone, and quartz agglomerates to create unique kitchens, bathroom furniture, floors, stairs, fireplaces, and even heart-shaped stone slabs. They decided to go for the Proliner Stone package and Vincenzo Patalano shared his experience:

“This may not be one of the most complicated projects we have completed, but it demonstrates the versatility of the Proliner perfectly. We managed easily and accurately to digital template a stone slab and then added some stylish hearts on it. Like that we could clearly see where to carve or engrave and foresee how the final project would look like. In our opinion, the Proliner is essential to the running of the business.”


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