Glas Mayer Ginsheim: “With the Proliner we can implement all kinds of projects without any problems!”

Glas Mayer Ginsheim is a glass trading company from Ginsheim-Gustavsburg in Germany and is part of the Mayer-Glasgruppe. They are specialized in the production of insulating, heat protection, sun, and soundproof glass, as well as parapet panes, facade glass, point-fixed systems, fire protection glass, and laminated safety glass (also impact, breakout, bulletproof and explosive resistant). They also supply single-pane safety glass, glass doors, all-glass systems, sliding glass doors, shower cubicles, and matching fittings. They decided to go for the Proliner Glass package and explain why below:

“With the Proliner we can implement small, large, and challenging projects without any problems. It is so precise, fast, and reliable. We can easily mark all the deviations that may exist in our projects so that we can make a piece of glass fit perfectly with straight cuts.

The Proliner is great! We are very satisfied!”

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