Seminautic Matrassen: “The Proliner and the Procutter are a winning team”

Seminautic Matrassen, from Son, in the Netherlands, is a fabricator and supplier of custom-made matrasses for trucks, boats and caravans.

Michel and Kevin decided to invest in the Proliner and in the Procutter because of their innovative features that work perfectly together: “The Proliner helps us decreasing the lead time of our projects starting from measurements on-site, until the processing of digital templates. And the Procutter translates the moulds/templates – that were measured with the Proliner – to production with extremely precision. It allows us to check whether the matrasses will fit perfectly in place.  On top of that, we are also able to build digital databases for our different types of matrasses.”

They still added: “We have no doubts the Proliner and the Procutter together create a winning team and accomplish what they promise.”

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