Prodim Proliner Benutzer Trimnet

The Proliner helps Trimnet save time and increases productivity

Trimnet, a family business with almost 20 years of experience is a specialist in repair, replacement and maintenance of Marine and Commercial interiors and all associated Commercial Trimming requirements.

‘’We got interested in a Proliner because of colleague marine trimmers who already use it,’’ Mr. A. Hathaway and Mr. R.T. Voller explain. ‘’We are going to use the Proliner for upholstery, covers and teak carpets, which are similar to normal decking, but made from carpet material.

The Proliner Canvas package gives us the opportunity to switch from physical templates to digital templates. Templates will be more accurate, can be created much faster and are independent of the weather conditions (which is a necessity in the UK). We will be able to create more templates per day and increase our entire productivity.’’


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