Prodim Proliner Benutzer CED Fabrication

CED uses the Proliner to create digital templates for professional kitchens

Being a real specialist CED Fabrications supplies full-service professional kitchens to industrial companies, schools, restaurants and the like. CED produces the required kitchen constructions / interiors out of stainless steel, wood, corian and LG Hi-Macs material themselves using CNC machinery.

Paul Thomas and Chris Nicholls of CED Fabrications: „Proliner technology was already known to us for a couple of years and now our company is ready to start with digital templating. We are going to use the Proliner to measure areas and existing constructions on-site. The CAD-files will be transferred to our drawing department so they can use them to design the new kitchens. Due to the Proliners‘ accuracy we will be able to eliminate mistakes and provide better products to our customers.“


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