Prodim Proliner Benutzer Bulletproof Ski & Marine

Bulletproof Ski & Marine makes the right choice

Ramon Vera, owner of Bulletproof Ski & Marine recently picked up his new Proliner 8CS with the Inverted Pen Technology® (IPT) and couldn’t be happier.  His company, located in Crystal River, FL provides PSA mat installation on boats, jet skis, golf carts and vehicles, along with other accessories per their customers’ requests.

Having first invested in a laser system, he soon found that it was not working up to either his or his customer’s expectations.  As Ramon stated during his training at our Prodim USA facility, “I would not want anyone in this industry to go through what I have been through. The Proliner is the tool needed to do the job right.”

The Proliner 8CS will be a great addition to Bulletproof Ski & Marine’s repair and upgrade capabilities, both at their shop and in the field as a part of their mobile services to their customers.


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