Prodim Proliner Benutzer Bloemen de Maas

Boat exterior and teak deck specialist Bloemen de Maas goes for templating 2.0

Due to their vast experience over the years (founded in 1982) producing thousands of square meters of teak, hundreds of meters of cap rail and a wide variety of custom made furniture for yachts, Bloemen de Maas is known as a real specialist within the yacht building sector.

Bloemen de Maas, located in Niftrik (The Netherlands) has a production floor space of 1700 m² and use high-quality (CNC) woodworking machinery for production. It is their goal to combine cutting-edge technology with traditional methods. To live up to that goal they have invested in a Proliner from the Industrial Series and add-ons specially developed for the yacht industry, like the IPT for measuring hard-to-reach points.

Anne, Bart and Stefan from Bloemen de Maas: „We know about the capabilities of the Proliner from co-suppliers within the yacht industry. By investing in the Proliner for measuring teak decks and stairs within yachts we have the right measuring tool to make the transition to create digital templates on-site. This way the labour-intensive work needed to create physical templates and digitize them in the factory can be skipped resulting in shorter project lead times and the overall improvement of the production process.“


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