Prodim Proliner Benutzer Hora Scheepsramen

Hora evaluates the Proliner as the best digital templating tool for measuring openings

Hora Ship Windows from the Netherlands is a family company that manufactures windows for the yacht industry, both commercial and residential, since 1955. They provide their customers with glass solutions that excel in quality, versatility and durability. With Hora’s investment in the Proliner 8CS, they are ready to start digitizing openings.

The Hora staff possesses a lot of knowledge. When they started looking for a digital measuring device, they took their time to investigate what works for their line of work. Mieke Prins, project manager at Hora, commented: “It is important for us to purchase a machine that is easy to use, work fast and makes accurate measurements. We tested out several products, but they weren’t able to measure openings. We heard about the Proliner from two semi-competitors and tested it ourselves. The Proliner was the best solution for measuring openings but also for making digital templates from molds that customers send to us. We decided to invest in the Proliner and now we are here at the Prodim headquarters for training. We are very happy with how easy it is to work with the digital measuring device; we will start measuring with it soon.”



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