Prodim Proliner Benutzer Salter Covers

Salter Covers upgrades Proliner with the Canvas Package

Ross Salter from Salter Covers (upholstery) in Spain has built up his business by producing high quality canvas covers for the yacht industry. He is specialized in making biminis, canvas covers and awnings but also in other canvas applications like cushions and soft furnishing work.

Salter Covers currently uses manual measurements and he possesses real workmanship. Salter Covers recently bought a Proliner 8CS upgraded with the Canvas Package. When we asked him why he has chosen for the Proliner, Ross Salter answered: “I have known about the Proliner for a long time now as I have seen professionals in my line of business work with it. For me it felt like the right time to go digital and the advantage of the Proliner is its accuracy and that the device is portable. A big plus for us is that the Proliner directly converts a measurement into a digital .DXF file that you can send to the workplace or the fabricator. That will save us a lot of time.”

Another great thing about the Proliner is that you can measure so many different 2D/3D objects with it, something Salter Cover is intending to use to its advantage. “When we work on making canvas measurements for yachts we also get asked to make other applications, like interiors and cabinets. With the Proliner we can easily measure canvas but also these other objects, giving us more flexibility and a chance to keep up with the demands of our customers.”

Salter Covers have shown us their drive and passion for their profession during the training at Prodim. We know they will be successful at digitizing their business with the Proliner.